Any topic (writer’s choice)

The Brain-The idea of this assignment is that you  will be able to explain how one part of the brain influences behavior or mental processing.
Discuss the following in a short 10 minute presentation about the part of the brain you were assigned.

location of the area

the function of the area

diseases related to that area of the brain

mental health issues related to that area of the brain

outcomes if an injury occurs to that area of the brain

Rubric For Grading of Writing assignments to receive full credit on the assignments, it is important that the following be demonstrated.
1-Answer the question that the assignment is asking
2-The assignment must be free of grammatical errors and spelling errors
3-The assignment must be organized, focused, clear, and put in the students own words
4-The essay must correctly cite and give credit to any outside sources using APA format
5-Demonstrate critical thinking with the ability to ask questions offer insights, and challenge ideas remember plagiarized papers receive an automatic  0 and are sent to the dean. Please make sure to give yourself extra time to proofread your paper and make sure it answers the question.  I have little tolerance for papers that are full of grammatical and spelling errors.  If possible, ask someone to read your paper before handing it in.