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Scholarly Paper
Final Project: Updated (80 points total)

The final project allows students to develop a case conceptualization of a client and its application in the area of helping relationships and counseling skills. The aim of this project is to learn about the helping professions in greater depth by applying it to a client of your choosing.  Topics will revolve around areas noted in our text such as essential counseling skills that will enhance the helping relationship (i.e. empathy and empathic responses; probing and summarizing; challenging self and client; helping clients tell their stories; helping clients establish and reach their goals).

You can use a TV, movie, celebrity or book character for this project.  Please find at least three scholarly journals to supplement the textbook in your rationale of working with the individual. Be sure to cite correctly with APA when using scholarly resources as plagiarism is a serious offense and will result in a zero for the assignment. Proper spelling, grammar are expected as well. The case conceptualization should be 6 pages double spaced minimum in length. You may write the project up in narrative form, following the headers below.

Background information In your paper identify the TV/book/movie setting, individuals, family members and any other important relationships of your identified client. Include demographic information, such as age, grade in school, employment status, and other history (e.g., military history, current or past legal problems) that seems relevant to the presenting problem and strengths of the client.

Multicultural considerations: CACREP 2.F.2.c, CMH 5.C.2.j;Describe the cultural background (using every letter) of your client using either the RESPECTFUL or ADDRESSING model. Describe at least one multicultural counseling skill you will use to address this consideration.

Presenting Problem:  Describe the reason the individual is seeking counseling at this particular time (i.e., the presenting problem). Why did the client come to you (from the clients perspective or other referring stakeholder)? How long has the problem(s) persisted? Note the intensity, frequency and duration of symptoms.

Resources and Strengths : Describe the resources that are already available to the client (individual, family, friends, spiritual, community supports). Describe additional resources that would benefit and support fostering wellness in the client.

Role as a counselor : CACREP 2.F.5.f; 2.F..5.n; Identify two ways you will build rapport to enhance a strong working alliance. Describe your role as a counselor with this particular individual. (If this is a group project, this part must be done individually for each group member and copy and pasted in the final project.)  Identify specific counselor characteristics and cultural factors that may influence the process. Analyze areas for growth for you to consult about and competently best treat this client. What is involved with your current self-care plan? How do you plan to manage your ongoing self-care?

Therapeutic Dialogue :  CACREP 2.F.5.g Share pieces of an actual dialogue from the movie, tv, book with the character and then create a mock response from you (or your team) as a counselor as it relates to each of these:

Identify how and when you would use one nonverbal prompt in session

Create one empathic response to the client

Create one probing prompt to the client

Create an open ended question to ask the client

Provide a summary to something the client has said in the dialogue

Treatment planning CACREP 2.F.5.d , 2.F.5.g; Formulate a tentative treatment plan for the individual based upon your book and at least one evidenced based journal article:

How will you help the client tell their story? What is the clients story, real story, and right story? (5 points)

Where in the stages of change is the client? You are also to identify trouble spots you might encounter while working with this particular individual, including reluctant and resistant behaviors to self defeating thoughts & behaviors. Students will identify how they would address any issues presented.

How will you help clients design and set goals? Apply SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) and identify two goals for the client.

How might you establish a feedback loop in counseling? How to you help clients design the way forward? (5 points)

Community resources (5 points) CACREP  2.F.5.k, 2.F.5m; Identify three resources in your local community as it relates to this topic as well as three national or international level resources and how you would refer your client. 

Ethical considerations (5 points)  CACREP 2.F.1.i , CMH 5.C.2.l;  Students will apply and cite two ACA Code of Ethics in this section. Describe any ethical or legal issues that pertain to the case and their impact. Examples of ethical issues that could be considered are: transference/countertransference, court-referred clients, informed consent, boundary violations, poor self-care, limits of confidentiality, and any mandated reporting required (e.g. Child or Adult Protective Services).

Professionalism & scholarly resources(10 points total) You must use at least three scholarly articles or resources (in addition to our book), one specifically in the treatment section and the other two in other sections of your choosing. Be sure to cite correctly with APA when using scholarly resources as plagiarism is a serious offense and will result in a zero for the assignment. Professionalism, proper spelling, grammar are expected as well.