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Read the two articles below and summarize in your own words the arguments put forward for and against Wonder Woman being UN Ambassador. Then, provide your own opinion on the subject supported by your own arguments: should Wonder Woman have continued being the UN Ambassador (Why yes or why not)? Can she serve as a role model for women around the world, or maybe some women such as in the West  (Why yes or why not)? If so who could be role model for all women or what should be changed in Wonder Woman to represent all women?

The most important part is your own critical analysis.

Requirements: deadline is Sunday, April 5 class time; all late submissions will be penalized

word count: 500 words minimum; please add word count at the bottom of your submission

grading criteria: as per writing rubric

Safe Assign will be used, which is why it is important you rephrase ideas not copy directly


One less woman in politics_ Wonder Woman loses job as UN ambassador _ World news _ The Guardian.pdf                              Wonder Woman Should STILL be a UN Ambassador _ Inter Press Service.pdf

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