Anthropology ethnographic article essay

Anthropology ethnographic article essay

Write a 3 page essay on an ethnographic article or chapter attached below. The purpose of this assignment is to develop your reading skills, your understanding of research done by cultural anthropologists, and your essay writing skills.

Carefully read the article or chapter and the related chapter, keeping in mind the question you will be answering in your essay.

Your essay should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. You are not required to do additional research for this assignment. You are required to use in-text citations and a list of references.

Please choose one of these 3 topics and let me know which one youve decided to work on..
( once you have decided which topic to work on I will attach the required readings for the assignment ! Which you must red to complete this assignment, no outside sources ! )

1 ) Culture and Worldview (Religion) (Iroquois Confederacy, Turtle Island) [Ch. 10 Supernaturalism]
Brian Maracle. 2004. The First Words. In Our Story: Aboriginal Voices on Canadas Past. Cardinal et al. Pp. 11-31. Toronto: Anchor Canada.

> Describe the understanding of the Haudenosaunee world revealed in this narrative. How does it instruct humans to live? (Note this is a creation story, or sacred narrative, not an ethnographic article.)

2 ) Food and Culture [Ch. 5 Food]
Dylan Clark. 2004. The Raw and the Rotten: Punk Cuisine. Ethnology 43(1): 19-31.

>How did the food eaten at the Black Cat Caf in Seattle express the cultural and political ideas of the people who ran, and the people who ate at, the caf?

3 ) Mining, Livelihoods, Communities, and Gender (Peru). [Chapter 12. Anthropology and Sustainability]
Fabiana Li. 2009. Negotiating Livelihoods: Women, Mining and Water Resources in Peru. Canadian Woman Studies 27(1): 97-102.

> How are the Peruvian campesinos described in the article affected by the Yanacocha gold mine? What have they done in response to the challenges to their health and livelihoods? How have womens lives and gender relations changed as a result?

Evaluation – essay will be marked based on ;

how well you have demonstrated your understanding of the article or chapter(s) you have read;
how well you have demonstrated your understanding of the relevant anthropological concepts in the textbook chapter(s) related to your topic;
how well organized your essay is (introduction, body, and conclusion);
how clearly your ideas are expressed;
how well written your essay is (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraph structure);
whether your essay is correctly referenced (in-text citations and list of references);
whether your assignment is correctly formatted; and
whether your essay is the assigned length, 2 to 3 pages, when formatted according to instructions.