Analyze a Qualitative Research Report

Chapter one introduces the research.  Write 300 words about chapter one.
It states the topic of the research and suggests who the audience is.  The introduction, which includes the abstract, is usually a statement of the problem and why the problem is important.  Sometimes it refers briefly to the subjects of the study and the methods used. 

Chapter Two is the literature review. Write 300 words about chapter two.
What literature was covered? 
How was the literature review structured? 
What did the literature review tell you about the study?

Chapter Three is usually about methods. Write 800 words about chapter three.  Do not answer yes or no without providing and explanation of these terms.
What questions were asked?
What observations were made?
What documents were collected?
Was there triangulation by data type, by methods, or by theory?
Was trustworthiness addressed:  prolonged engagement, persistent engagement, peer debriefing with other researchers, member checks with those being researched. triangulation, and an audit trail?
Were transfer and conceptual diagrams a part of the research report?
What sampling strategies were used for each part of the research?
Describe the sample.
What types of data were collected other than interviews, observations, and documents.

Chapter Four write 400 words about chapter four.
What was the context(s) of the research?
Was open coding used?  What were the open codes?
Was axial coding data used?  What were the axial codes?
Was selective coding used?  What were the selective codes?
Was domain analysis used?
Was dimensional analysis used?
How were the data displayed?
What sort of software was used during data analysis