American Imperialism Essay during Post Civil War America (1877 to 2016)

American Imperialism Essay during Post Civil War America (1877 to 2016)

Assignment Topic:
American Imperialism Essay during Post Civil War America (1877 to 2016)

Assignment Directions:
Discuss the American Imperialism ideology after in Post Civil War America.
What affects did imperialism have on:
1. The United States politically and economically
2. American society as a whole
3. Other countries where the United States government intervened to maintain that
4. Nation’s peace and their national sovereignty.
Discuss any acts, laws, congressional measures, conflicts, and consequences that influenced, altered, and changed the United States views on imperialism in Post-Civil War America.

2 pages (Introduction, 2 body paragraphs, Conclusion)

– Introduction Paragraph
Here you want to write an introduction paragraph detailing what is going to be discussed in the essay.
No footnotes needed in this section.
The last sentence in this section must be your thesis statement.

– Body Paragraphs/Formatting
Historical terminology (names, dates, people, places, and events) is the main requirement for each essay.
Please keep your chosen discussion topic historical time-frame narrow.
Discuss only what is interesting to you and what apply to your essay.
Please try to maintain a historical time-line.
Each paragraph must have 5 or more sentences.
No quoting. All statements must be in your own words.
All statements must be in third person.
Avoid first person discussion. Please avoid opinion statements in this section (I, me, and my), outside of the conclusion paragraph.
Please avoid a book, article, or video review, (30-points deduction for such).
Yes, many examples are required.
Please, no summaries of any sources.
Please do not combine different types of citation formatting like MLA or APA. No parenthetical citations allowed. ONLY USE FOOTNOTES – CHICAGO STYLE FORMAT REFERENCES.
Each paragraph must have with 3 footnotes or  more to indicate your references, only use the assigned books and readings.
No comments on footnotes references.
Only place references in the footnotes.

– Conclusion Paragraph:

Use this area to summarize your findings and discuss your opinion.
What have you learned after reading and doing historical research on this topic?
Footnotes are optional in this section.

– Bibliography Page
Must be  a separate page.

American Perspectives: Readings in American History Vol. 2, 7th Edt
Must use at least 4 articles related to American Imperialism Essay during Post Civil War America.
No additional sources can be used. No outside sources.
Must only have footnotes
Chicago style
No first person essay ONLY third person format essay
Avoid summaries or reviews