Agency Marketing 461

Recall the scenario from the Week 5 Weekly Overview. Imagine you are the PIO for Small Town Police Department. Your agency has been investigating the death of Julie Styles, whom was a Small Town University co-ed. The investigation has been going on for six months and the public is outraged that your department has yet to make an arrest. The public believes that the Police Department and its officers are not doing their job, as they are paid to do by taxpayers.

As a result, you as the PIO need to release a statement and successfully market your agency so the public has faith in your abilities to protect and serve the community.
In your original post, answer the following:

How you would restore the public’s faith? As the PIO, discuss one or two points of information that you would release in a statement.
Using the information that you have learned, discuss one or two tactics that have been utilized by other departments to quell a community’s outrage when dealing with high profile cases to regain public trust.

What is one way that you could market your agency, given the public’s last of trust in this situation?