Ads with 5 different advertising philosophy

PAPER/PRESENTATION One of the main goals of this class is to train you in the critical evaluation of advertising campaigns. You must, therefore, prepare a paper (and accompanying short presentation) focusing on five different ads.
Each of your chosen ads should represent a different advertising philosophy. Since these are not mutually exclusive, each ad may be representative of several philosophies. You should, however, have one ad that primarily is representative of each of the following advertising philosophies
1. Unique Selling Proposition
2. Entertainment
3. Emotional
4. Reminder
5. Image
These ads may be from any source, but you must provide me with a copy, file, photograph, link, or detailed description of the ads you choose to critique. You should discuss each ad within the context of its primary philosophy and also comment on the efficacy of each ad. You must also detail the source of the ad. What this means, practically speaking, is that you cant just search for ads on youtube or google. You need to first see/hear the ad in its natural contextthen you can try to find a copy onlineor a scan of the ad (if its a print advertisement).
Ads within this year.
Fake ads are not acceptable and you will not get credit for them if they are included in your paper. For the presentation, you should expect to discuss two or three of your chosen ads in front of the class. You will have approximately 10 minutes for your presentation. You may write in paragraph or outline form. Grammar and spelling will count. Pay special attention to paragraph breaks. Nothing drives me crazy like overly long paragraphs. I may deduct up to ten points for grammar and spelling.
Your paper should also include adequate and appropriate headings and subheadings. Failure to use headings and subheadings appropriately will result in a deduction of ten points from your grade.

-Make a heading
-10 pages max
-Each ad- full page or two pages
-No opening paragraph
-Heading, USP
-5 separate 1-2 page paper
– in total there should be 5 ads following into 5 different categories. Please use ads that are played in 2021. The ads can be from any source but should be linked or copy. Each ad should be talked about roughly around 2 pages for a total of 10 pages.