active learning assignment four

After watching the documentary on the juvenile justice system answer the following questions:

Discuss jails and juvenile detention centers as the two basic short-term confinement options.

Do the children have any responsibilities for their actions? Discuss what alternative treatment programs are available for juveniles and what kind of problems are beyond the mandate and abilities of the juvenile justice system?  Are juveniles who are given advantages of alternative treatment programs more likely to be criminals as adults? IF juveniles are incarcerated, how can the system assist them “inside” to become better citizens?

Each student will write a 900 word APA college paper (excluding title page, abstract and references) from the assigned topic.  This must be in APA format and include a cover page, abstract, discussion, conclusion, and a minimum of three references to support your position. To avoid pluralism There should be NO MORE than 15% similarity in the report! Provide THREE resources to support your opinions and perspectives.