Academic Development

Prepare the third section of your DYOP (Design Your Own Plan), which covers ACADEMIC
DEVELOPMENT. Be sure to utilize the information contained in Engineering Fundamentals:
An Introduction to Engineering, other course assignments, and class discussions. Cite references
as appropriate.
You should approach this project by evaluating where a world-class Engineering Champion
for Christ would be for each of the topics addressed and what you are implementing to achieve
this goal. The method involves 1) understanding what the research says is effective, 2)
evaluating your current performance/practices against the research, 3) identifying areas for
improvement based on the evaluation, 4) developing a plan for closing the gap, and 5)
implementing the plan. Be sure to consider how youre going to stay accountable.
Submit the DYOP to Canvas no later than the date / time indicated. Your submission should be
a minimum of three pages in length, double spaced, with one-inch margins. Start early, make
steady progress, use the resources at your disposal, and submit on time to receive full credit!
Your ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT paper should include learning/observations/research from
the following:
Interview two people (not the same people as in previous papers) as part of the research
for this assignment. In your discussion you should talk about what was the main
difference between high school and university level engineering study, what were the
most important study skills they had to learn, what are their thoughts on group study, and
how to be successful in the engineering program. Your interviewees should include
practicing engineers, junior/senior level engineering students, engineering lab techs,
freshman mentors, engineering faculty, or engineering professional advisors.
Review Written Communication and Oral Communication in section 4.3-4.4 of
Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering. Review Liberty
Universitys Online Writing Center. What resources are offered to LU online students?
As an engineer, you will need to be able to communicate both in written and verbal
format. What steps will you take to improve your skills?
Watch the following video and reflect on its application to helping you become a Master
o It’s a little longer than normal, but well worth the time and effort (trying playing it at
1.25x normal speed).
o The Ultimate Skill: Learning How to Learn
o If you’re really committed to becoming a Master Learner, consider taking Barbara
Oakley’s Learning How to Learn course at
Do you limit your learning mainly to what is required in your classes or do you look for
other opportunities to learn? What are some examples of things you could do to learn
more than what is covered in your classes? What is your view toward lifelong learning?
ENGR 105 Introduction to Engineering I Individual Project
Are you excited about learning continuously throughout your career and life? Summarize
your thoughts.