Please read the brief bio, the sermon explanations, and the sermon of Florence Spearing Randolph THEN ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: (I attached the reading)

Randolph is preaching these two sermons in 1909 and 1934, so we are jumping ahead in time a bit! Segregation is still rampant, the first world war has happened, the Great Migration is in full swing, during her second sermon the U.S. is in the midst of the Great Depression. There is no concerted, national civil rights movement. 

First, what does she think a woman should look like and do? Importantly, why does she say this is important for women to do? And second, how does Randolph challenge modern U.S. culture? Whats the big problem with it? (<300 wds)

Second, compare how Randolph sees Black Liberation as intertwined with religious practice as compared to Foote and as compared to Small? (<300 wds)

Third, think about the periods of time for Foote, Small, and Randolph. Why are they using language of respectability, domesticity, conservative moral values, and uplift? (make sure you think about Lec 8 Part 3 to help you respond to this question). Even though they are using this language, how does it still tie in with the hope of true Liberation? (<500 wds)