A Report on Comoros

Write a report on the country of Comoros covering the following:

    Education (both men and women)It is good to create your own standards such as looking at whether the education focused on providing skilled labor to the local market? To what extent does it contribute to improving the local economy? Is it oriented toward creating self-sufficiency? Does it work towards industrialization and so on? Is the country technically advancing or is it instead ensnared in a continuous cycle of technical dependency?
    Health other related services, with a view to how this contributes to the overall well-being of the population. For example, look at the availability of good infrastructure, clean water, and good sanitation, reduction of infant mortality and pregnancy-related death, an increase of life expectancy and things of that nature.);
    Good governance and human rights (structure of governance, democracy, freedom of speech and so on);
    Unemployment; Joblessness
    Trend: is this country witnessing a clear trend towards better human development or has this country been declining.