a peek into the future

Sources that need to be used:
The Future Of Humanity With Dr. Michio Kaku

The Future is Coming

The Industries of the Future | Alec Ross | Talks at Google

 You are to argue the question in the prompt below.  You are to use Rogerian Argument structure: logical claims required.  All evidence should come from Primary or Secondary sources. Use class texts both required and suggested as well as other research from good authority. MLA citations in-text and a Works Cited page are required.  Note:  If more research is done in doing this paper but not cited include a Bibliography.
Prompt :
 Question:  In The Future of Humanity, Kaku looks at the changes humanity may need to make or will make in the future. Kelly in his work Inevitable argues that future trends and technology are inevitable. And, Ross offers a peek into The Industries of the Future.  All authors are optimistic, but they, too, present potential problems all this technology may bring about. Does it matter how we set up the future for fifty or one hundred years from nowor should we worry about the problems of our lifetime?
Take a side:  We need to start designing our future/ or/ we need to worry about todays needs instead.
 Paper:  100 pts.   Length of 5-6 pages.
The essay will be largely graded on the use of the structure as taught in the class.
The point I choose is we need to worry about todays needs instead. Thats the side I take !