a detailed analytical paper about “welcome to the party”

a detailed analytical paper about “welcome to the party”

Select one of the songs on the attached list and write a detailed analytical paper about it.

Your paper should include:

1. some basic factual research on the song/artist

2. a listening-based analysis of the song

3. some critical analysis of the song which draws on the assigned texts for the class

Work outwards from the specifics of the song to discuss issues that you find compelling about the artist, producer, the performance, the lyrics, the beat (original or sampled) and the social context.

You will need to cite at least 5 sources. At minimum 2 of these should be from the required reading for the class. Use any standard citation format, just be consistent. You need to include a bibliography.

Your paper should be at least 5 pages (double-spaced) or 1500 words minimum.

For further suggestions on how to go about working on the paper refer to the Week 6 lecture video and notes.

Feedback from the grader on the topic proposal:

Hey, sounds like an interesting topic. I like that you’ve done some research into the significance of Pop Smoke’s short lived but influential career. I see that one of your proposed readings deals with flow (Komaniecki). I’d recommend also using Imani Perry’s “Stinging Like Tabasco” chapter to dig more deeply into signifyin(g) and types of flow. I would also recommend you use the Jeff Chang source in a more clear, effective way. I look forward to reading your paper!