3 parts/documents

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Review school-based data in reading to determine the academic strength and needs of the students. 

Part 1
Please respond to the following referring to the four county data pdf. 

  1. Pick a county (Broward, Dade, Monroe, or Palm Beach).
  2. Compare the district and the state overall FSA-ELA Performance Goals for 2019-20. Which is higher?
  3. Compare the the 2019-20 State Achievement Gaps on FSA-ELA with the 2019-20 District Achievement Gaps on FSA-ELA. Which has greater gaps the State or the District?
  4. Pick one of the District Achievement Gap subgroups to improve their reading performance.

Part 2
Locate and select scientifically researched-based strategies for improvement, including strategies to teach reading in all components of reading instruction:  phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, phonics, oral language lessons, and comprehension throughout the content areas. Use the Lesson series videos for ideas to use. 

  • Pick a grade level and Briefly summarize and describe a Research-Based Reading Instruction and a Researched Based Instructional Strategy for each of the six Components of Reading Instruction in the Data Worksheet Chart. See the data worksheet chart for example. 

Part 3

  • Elaborate on the Research-Based Reading Instruction and Research-Based Instructional Strategies in your Data Worksheet Chart. Be sure to include explanations of the strategies for each of the content areas with citations throughout.

APA and 2-3 pages. Add title page, an abstract, and references page. Incorporate a minimum of 2 current scholarly journal articles.