3 hours of java coding April 6th evening or April 7th morning

3 hours of java coding April 6th evening or April 7th morning

Hello. My final is coming up at the beginning of next May, and we have a practice exam (“live coding”) opening up this Monday. I can take it after 5pm PST( April 6th) but there’s a time limit for three hours. I can also take it 8am PST April 7th.

I will get about 3-5 mini program questions, and we will be given local tests. as long the local tests work I will get extra credit. This will help me have study materials as well because my professor won’t release the solutions.

(I am providing other practice questions that the teacher gave us to do if we wanted to before the 3hr practice test…they will be formatted the same way. I just need someone to help me solve 3-5 mini java questions on April 6th/7th with a 3hr deadline. I won’t get the handout/questions until April 6th, and will have exactly 3 hours to complete. Is this possible?)

The attached files is of an older midterm practice. This is how the questions will be set up/provided. Make sure you are also are familiar with how to solve the 3 given questions (Q1, Q2a, Q2b). I will also attach the starter code for that assignment to help you see how it will be. (ignore the password file…you can delete it).

Important Note: I don’t need you to complete the attached assignment. I just want you to see how the questions will be like on April 6.

Again, I will provide three hour time slots and you can see which one works for you the best. Let’s say we choose 6pm – 9 pm PST on April 6th, I will send the the instructions and starter code on the dot. there will be about 3-5 java questions.