2-2: Application Report


All students will complete an application report during this course. Students will be assigned to different economic topics, which will reflect the topics covered in this course. Students will be required to submit their reports during the following module after their topic has been discussed. For example, if your topic is demand elasticity, it will be due at the end of the fourth module of class, since demand elasticity is discussed during Module 3. Regardless of when your report is due, you will submit it through this assignment.

Each student will be assigned a topic by the end of the first module. Each student will develop and submit a written application report and a PowerPoint or Prezi slide presentation.

************ MY topic is :  Oligopoly *******************

Action Items

1) Confirm your application report topic with your instructor.
2) Review the relevant modules readings and media.
3) Conduct research on your topic. Identify and read at least three resources in addition to what was provided in class readings. You may want to access:
a) The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation (Links to an external site.) website.
b) The MBA Healthcare Research Guide (Links to an external site.).
c) The Health Policy Institute of Ohio (Links to an external site.) website, or the website of a similar organization in your state.

4) Compose a four- to seven-page paper in which you:
a) Identify a company in the healthcare industry with an economic problem or issue related to your topic. Remember that companies in the healthcare industry might include hospitals, clinics, long-term care providers, home health companies, biopharmaceutical companies, medical device providers, medical insurance providers, and others. You could look at Yahoo! FinanceHealthcare Industry (Links to an external site.) to find a company or healthcare sector to analyze.
b) Discuss the operations of the company you identify.
c) Identify and develop an economic model(s).

Apply your model to the companys situation:
a) Link the problem or economic condition to the healthcare company and provide a solution or identify a procedure for arriving at a solution.
b) Demonstrate your understanding of the operations and the products/services of the company you chose and explain how the model and/or economic concepts are applicable to decision-making processes within the organization.
c) Link the theoretical concept to an application within the healthcare industrythis is the key to this assignment.
d ) Cite a minimum of three scholarly resources.
Format your paper according to the standards found on Purdue Online Writing Lab: APA Formatting and Style Guide (Links to an external site.).

5) Develop a PowerPoint or Prezi slide presentation of the report, adhering to these requirements:
General summary of the company (1-3 slides)
Summary of the economic concept/theory (1-3 slides)
Application of the concept to a “real world” situation within the company (2-4 slides)